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Date Range On the Option Chain Filter Settings screen, Date Range refers to the available time frame for retrieving data.

The objective that a business expects to achieve in the near future A short term goal , a long term goal have relative meanings in business depending on the context.

Define option: an act of choosing; the power , right to choose freedom of choice option in a sentence.

Define election: an act , process of electing; the fact of being elected; predestination to eternal life election in a sentence. This definition explains the meaning of nearline storage , its relationship to archiving, backup , primary storage.

2 Clause , may create a contractual obligation breach of which could be cause for legal action., provision that constitutes a substantive part of a contract

Near term option definition. The IAU published the original definition proposal on August 16, 2006 Its form followed loosely the second of three options proposed by the original committee.

In finance, ., but not the obligation, sell an underlying asset , holder of the option) the right, to buy , an option is a contract which gives the buyerthe owner

Definition of near term: Very soon, usually within the next few weeks , months

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The relationship between interest rates or bond yields and different terms or maturities The term structure of interest rates is also known as a yield curve and it.

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What is aStrike Price' A strike price is the price at which a specific derivative contract can be exercised The term is mostly used to describe stock and index. The definition of disabled is not working correctly or someone who isn t able to do standard physical or mental tasks.

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